Our Vision is to provide product development services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers


Our Mission is to assist companies in their efforts to create and develop new products and services.

Who We Are

iNexGen, India originally evolved from RedOctane Inc. USA which created the highly acclaimed video game, ‘Guitar Hero’, which was later acquired by the World’s Largest Video Game company, Activision. In 2010 iNexGen, India began working as a separate entity to produce high quality games and apps. We built our first Social Web based 3D Cricket Game ‘Allrounderz’ in 2010 and actively started providing gaming related services to other clients. We started as a small company focusing on gamified applications using hybrid application development, and today we have grown by virtue of our values, the gaming domain knowledge, and the teams’ product development expertise. In Our continuous efforts to excel and create a competitive advantage we embraced the SMAC technologies. We provide services in Mobile App development, Cloud Development and Oracle Service Cloud Implementation Services. We are committed to our partners & client’s , delivering on time, and at an affordable cost.

How We Evolved


Our Core Values

We develop our culture, our brand and business strategies based on following core values

  • Maintain High Standards with Customers and Team members
  • Be Passionate about Work, Love your Job
  • Be Humble and Respect others
  • Quest for Knowledge and Excellence
  • Be “Less Me and More We”