Project Description


Groovon is a place where people move music, be they music fans, musicians, bands, songwriters, labels or venues!

Here as a music fan, you can contribute, shape and make a difference to the music world by supporting, promoting, inspiring and giving back to artists.

At groovon, your contribution as a music fan is measured through a unique fanscore, which shows how big a music fan you really are. The fanscore attempts to measure your activity and influence levels as a music fan, as reflected in social media, starting with facebook. It is shown as a score between 0-100

Here, as a music fan you can

  • Find out and boost your fanscore
  • Challenge your friends on facebook to compare their fanscores with you
  • Post or share from groovon onto facebook. Your fanscore will be displayed next to your post on facebook
  • Follow top music fans in your city and from across the world
  • Recommend artist/bands and tracks – whether old or new, and view recommendations made by others