Project Description

TRKR Labs – ELITE ATHLETES: Train Smarter and Trounce the Competition

TRKR Labs is the world’s first health and fitness system dedicated to Elite Athletes. Elite Athletes can connect and sync devices, and allow their coaches, parents and fans to login and view activity. TRKR’s proprietary formulas provide a true measure of Effort, Stamina and Sleep Quality. Elite Athletes and their Fans from all sports and levels of competition are welcome to join the TRKR Labs community.

ELITE ATHLETES: Invest in the tools to better track your performance and health.

  • Get the data you deserve.
  • No more Floors Climbed and Steps Taken. TRKR Labs translates your activity into actionable insights so you can train smarter and trounce the competition.
  • Connect your device to track the data and drive better practice habits, every day.
  • Cross-compare data: Effort vs. Stamina vs. Sleep Quality.
  • Keep yourself safe by monitoring the “HR: Peak Mins” to better manage your Effort and rest periods.
  • Monitor the “Stats” page to view daily, weekly, monthly and yearly data to compare Effort & Sleep Quality.
  • Elite Athletes can allow coaches, parents and fans to register and view activity.
  • This is a private system. Fans cannot perform an open search for Elite Athletes.
  • Fans can follow up to 5 Elite Athletes at a time.
(The Elite Athletes must personally invite each person to follow them.)